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One of our youngest

The kids who are trained on Montessoris system transfer the tanks full of hot soup.One of our youngest pupils the sevenyearold boy, uses all various tools drills, axes, saws, knives and its fingers are cut much less than at me.The English idiom skeleton in the cupboard means the facts discrediting one of family members, which are carefully hidden from strangers.It is not necessary to confuse responsibility and a debt, however.Call of duty is got in life much later if it is got in general.

When write

When write books for teachers, make textbooks of pedagogics, authors and address only to capable people.Who saw books for incapable in any art?But after all still at one future mother when she was knocked in maternity hospital at night, did not ask the certificate of its pedagogical abilities, of its suitability to that work to which she gets with the childs birth From it everything is confused in science about family education, absolutely not similar to all other sciences created by professionals for professionals.

But the twoyearold

The child, being dipped into the moral atmosphere of language and culture, incorporates drops of the ocean of public consciousness, and only geniuses huge work of life rise up to such heights of the truth that them, these greatest people, call conscience of mankind.But the twoyearold child who for the first time tested something like sense of guilt and the world famous writer, the keeper of human conscience, drop to the same source of universal knowledge of the truth.The child receives conscience not with mothers milk, and with mothers language.

A combination

A combination of this vibration to vowels and, at, about, y.Zaduvaniye on a tip of language which densely touches only an upper lip.Zaduvaniye is made so strongly to cause vibration of an upper lip together with a language tip.To make an alternate zaduvaniye on a tip of the language which is pulled together with lips, placed in a tooth cavity.Widely to open a mouth, to prisosat wide language to the sky.Strongly to blow on a language tip, trying to cause vibration.

Colander, mug, frying

On what it will fry onions?Ware.Figure See tsv.insert.Colander, mug, frying pan, bucket, thermos.The outline drawings of ware imposed at each other.Still life.Figure See tsv.insert.In a vase grapes, gooseberry, pear, peach, persimmon, pomegranate.In a basket carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, fennel, and nearby fish.Berries: bilberry, cowberry, cloudberries in a small basket.What do you see in this picture?

At ours

It as the small animal, fights for life, for the I.He is bound hand and foot with ours.At ours the words and he distorts language, he cannot speak not as they; at ours the manners and it adopts them; our girls in golfs came and she cannot put on stockings even if mother will kill her.Ours wear knitted caps and scarfs of color of such soccer team and it needs just the same cap and a scarf.At least in order that he was not beaten Became more senior and were absolutely divided on the one who as puts on who as brushes the hair, at whom what bag.

All gray, all melancholy. Above


And we often do not even realize why it is so difficult for us to communicate with own children!No wonder that in this regard much of us, both to parents, and experts, it happened to be influenced by unpleasant feelings of confusion and confusion.Catherine Kvolss book Reorientation of behavior of children offers a full set of the tools promoting our rapprochement with children so and to strengthening of a family.The course Reorientation of Behaviour of Children offered within the International community of nurseries and the family relations became a push to writing of the book.

And we leave

He behaves worse, is insolent, snaps here we and we turn away from him.We, you see were disappointed, we did not expect that at us the bad son will grow up, we were going to become parents medallists.And instead an embarrassment.All love the cheerful and successful child, from the unlucky turn away though it needs our love.And we leave the child of one in the face of life, in the face of all his troubles.The most spiteful feelings are born in the soul of the child, the most vindictive pictures appear in his consciousness.

On trees

Why so called a bush and a tree a dogrose, a mulberry?The dogrose has prickly thorns.On trees of mulberries grow up caterpillars of a silkworm silkworm.Caterpillars of a silkworm eat mulberry leaves.They twist cocoons from silk threads in which turn in a doll.Cocoons untangle and weave silk fabrics.Automation of a sound sh in words with syllables ash, ush, Osh, ish, ysh, esh Say words correctly Tower, turret, cup, shirt, camomile, small insect, pencil.

We will

Without education?This is also the wellmannered person with fine soul.The brought up means with fine soul, but not with only one fine manners.We will choose the most important from two purposes, we will make a list on education of moral is that is to pass into new pedagogical belief.And at once many problems and riddles are solved!Cultural guvernerskoye education is impossible in half an hour, we only in vain spend forces and nerves, in vain we quarrel with children.

To extend

Chewing gum.Chewing imitation.Exercises for cheeks and lips The kid, sucks a pacifier.To show how you sucked to a nipple when were small.To extend close lips a hobotok forward, and then to return in normal situation Fatties thin persons.Alternately to inflate and pull in cheeks.We inflate a sphere or a soap bubble.To extend lips a narrow funnel.Cheerful Buratino.To smile, having lifted corners of lips up.To return lips to a starting position.

Already not for the first

Already not for the first time I began to notice that it imposed to me increased requirements therefore told: I do not want that you spoke with me in such tone.It forces me to feel that with you together anything it is impossible to us, and if you do not cease to behave so, I will ride one, without you.I did not want that my daughter disrespectfully talked to me and instead of imposing her the will concerning its further actions, told, what action itself I will take if she continues to behave so.

It flies! And that

Around people, crowds, a circle of an event, life, destiny, and it trudges for mother, twists a free hand and does frrr frrr.It flies!And that to it people and destinies that all of us, it flies, it frrr!frrr!.It in the cloudless and serene world, it in happiness, it in the happy childhood, and unless not a crime to straighten out it, to zatoropit?The thirdgrader came from school, laid down on a sofa, was extended and lies without having stirred.I pass by, slightly concerned.

But not at once, and then

I warn: you cannot lose hope that your child will make that you want.But not at once, and then Children our teachers It is very important that we validly treated our children.Ability to see in them the teachers helps with it.Children give us invaluable lessons of how to love without any conventions, to constrain the anger, not to conceal offense, to find the pleasures in each lived day.Whether you noticed that when the small child is angry, he simply gives vent to the feelings, then his rage completely passes.

So, for example, before

Now I understand that misbehaved not only with boredom it was interesting to me to look at reaction of schoolmates, and at thought that will be if catch, I was covered by the true passion.So, for example, before physical education classes I waited until all others leave a locker room, and then hid their clothes.After a lesson the crowd of little girls ran on school in vain searches of the dresses, and I, watching their tortures, laughed loudly to exhaustion.Often we had to go on the following lesson in gym suits I, certainly, too hid the dress that on me suspicions did not fall.

The private

Exists, however, and other discipline.In an orchestra even the best violinist submits to the conductor, because it as well as the conductor, aspires to that the thing was well executed.The private who jumps on command, as a rule, not especially cares of efficiency of army.Any army copes generally fear, and the soldier knows that in case of nonobedience will be punished.The school discipline can be similar on orchestral if teachers are good, however too often it is discipline of army type.

It was given

Indulging in studying of methods, means, systems, we start thinking as if it is possible to achieve success, having replaced one method with another, and the main educational tools escape us.A certain person is not able to swim and is afraid of water.It was given on the river bank and shown: here so a crawl, so a breast stroke, so freestyle.But, of course, at first it is necessary to learn to float, the instructor by the way throws, is needless to say.

I remember

The task was just in my taste!All evening we with Elenor Griffin squared a stone that the tip for a dart turned out, and then tied a grapevine this tip to a stick.I remember still as our class went to excursion to the art museum.Especially I was struck by mummies in the Egyptian hall.Visual impressions always affected me more strongly any other I was delighted with an unusual show and, having come back home, again and again told native about all details of this delightful excursion.

Of course, tell! But the story

They saw parents toilers and together with them worked.Hardworking and the idler were in the public eye.Now the father leaves somewhere in the mornings but what he does at plant there?How it works?Speak: tell children how you work.Of course, tell!But the story about work and work not same.The father smith, the father plowman and the father TV viewer different tutors, and educational force, different at them.In the house economy the economy accustomed to discipline.

Linen on a wind. Widely


Lets try art to bring up silently only one views, a faint smile, a sigh, rocking of the head, a derisive look.Language of feelings a mimicry, intonation, laughter, tears, language of feelings music.But not words.Slightly our child will grow up, all start being interested: You whom love more?Father?Or mother?I znaat, he loves mother more!Guessed?The boy stares, to him nonsense of adults is unclear.

First of all he, as usual

But I endured awakening of soul and mind, and no psychiatrist could take away from me again found treasures.First of all he, as usual at such doctors, tried to capture my attention and entirely to subordinate me to itselfhimself to such manners similar people and beat out the fees from patients, but I did not give in.Templ, you know that it is impossible to go to Carrion crows the Nest.It is forbidden by rules, and.besides, it is simply dangerous!

He did not advise

He did not advise the son to wave a hand for study, and concentrated attention on in what the child succeeded, and thus realized true abilities of the son.And other mother, having paid attention that her son began to misbehave and fight often at school, wrote down it on classes in aikido one of forms of conducting fight excluding violence over the personality.The son developed selfconfidence and learned how it is correct to defend the interests, without bringing the matter to a fight.

If such cases

___ Specify the close relatives of the child including parents, kogdalibo getting to a psychiatric clinic, seriously mentally sick or mentally retarded.Parents, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts are considered as the close relatives.If such cases in a family are not present, note ___ here.Relationship degree the Diagnosis if it is known Schizophrenia Depressiveness Another x the cousin grandfather E form, part second Please, answer the given questions, using the following figures: for quite right, for truly and for incorrectly.

And now show, in what

Saw a sound r the red girl and asks: Here kindergarten Hand bell?That it was answered by the red girl?The sound r said goodbye to the Red city, came to the road, and here it was begun to whirl by a red wind, lifted in air and lowered it near our kindergarten.Greet it.Tell it as our edge is called, the city, the Homeland.And now show, in what lock he will live.Acquaintance to a letter r The letter of river is exposed.At a sound r, look this your letter.

To allocate

To say a sound row and atoh, about andy, and at about and.Development of phonemic perception Catch a sound.To allocate a syllable with a sound l from a syllabic row for, la, shu, lu, chi, ly.To define a place of a sound l in words onions, an eggplant, a shovel, dug, leveled, cleaned.Statement and fixing of a sound in the isolated sounding At this stage work on formation of the correct articulation ways of lips, language is continued.The articulation exercises directed on statement of a sound are fixed, training in the correct pronunciation of a sound in the isolated sounding is conducted.

If it was allowed

In not free family suppression prospers.It helps adults to keep the power, but it is reached at the price of a set of various neurosises.If it was allowed to sexual interest to step through a site fencing to the boy or the girl from the neighboring house, the power of a family would appear under the threat; communication with the father or mother weakened, and the child emotionally would come off a family.Perhaps, my words will be heard absurdly, but communication of the child with parents an indispensable support of the authoritative state, just as prostitution is necessary to preserve moral of approximate girls from good families.

SPb. , Volkova

I cannot

I am grateful to the editor Trioli Bakus for her improbable persistence and the easy, pleasant atmosphere accompanying our collaboration.I cannot but tell also that on creation of this book I was inspired by the now deceased doctor of medicine Rudolf Dreykurs, practical experience and which works became for me a starting point in further searches.Catherine Kvols PREFACE I know Catherine Kvols as remarkable friend, teacher, colleague, head.Catherine possesses rare talent: communication with whose brings to the person feeling of internal tranquillity and selfconfidence.

At the same

Statement of a sound sh on the basis of a sound with To establish language for the lower teeth.To suggest the child to say a sound with.At the same time the pallet or a probe to lift language up.Fingers of the right hand slightly to press cheeks and to push lips forward.Instead of whistle hissing has to turn out.It is possible to suggest the child to repeat syllables sa, with, sy, the expert, experts, the expert, wasps with simultaneous lifting of language a probe or the pallet.

And first

That the attitude towards the child brought up, it has to be a rich and complex feeling.Not simply love, and rich relationship.And first of all kindly to treat means to win itself against bad pedagogical passion.Lets ask ourselves two series of questions.What feelings are caused by me in the child love?respect?interest?indifference?irony?contempt?fear?hatred?What feelings are caused in me by the child: whether I believe in him?

Habits One more

and And that will occur, if Helping children to develop feeling of confidence in their abilities, we can reduce to a minimum of a mistake and failure.Habits One more way to help the child to get rid of undesirable behavior it to reduce value of an addiction to a minimum.There is no such habit which would not bear in itself a definite purpose, and excessive vanity concerning an addiction does not influence the purpose of behavior, related at all.The father with mother were very concerned by that their threeyearold daughter constantly sucked the thumb.

With another

With another infinite difficulties and contradictions.What to do?Choose, the reader!Yes here it, our child: it has natural requirements and talents; it has creative force and will power defining its character; it has a soul, heart, there are sincere forces the belief, hope and love defining his temperament; it has a spirit, there is spiritual power of aspiration to good, the truth and beauty; it has a physical force and intellectual; idea of the world and of itself; it has values which developed from requirements and there are abilities which developed from talents.

The girl

Requirements of spirit open a scope, specify the purposes: good, beauty, truth.The moral the lower bound, and is not present the upper bound, up infinite spiritual aspiration.The girl did not receive all this.External decency yes, will to achievement of the purpose yes, education yes, but spirit of love and the truth no.Heavy reproach to her tutors.Before the girl went to kill, her spirit was killed.Before she became a murderer, she killed the soul, the best aspirations.


So after all to do?To trust in the truth, to arrive on the truth and to inspire thereby belief in the truth to develop conscientiousness.Conscientiousness will make everything.Something similar to sense of shame and fault arises very much early, on the first year of life.In any case, the boy who hardly learned to go and scattered from a thing case looks back whether see him?If mother appears nearby, he says angry Uuu himself abuses and even can slap himself.

To clean

It as overture: with what we will begin?With infinite it is impossible or we will try to do without them?It is possible to shout it is impossible when the baby reaches for the electric socket, and it is possible to stick it with a plaster, so far as in the house the small child.To clean books from the lower shelves.To rearrange a hook in a bathroom is higher that the small could not be locked from within.Usually parents, wishing to facilitate itself life, want that the child acquired a ban somewhat quicker but is it good?

At first

And still we will present it gifts pictures.At first on what subjects in which names there is a sound with, and then that with a sound sh are drawn.Children choose gifts from the pictures lying on their tables.Solving of rebuses from words Frightened thanks us for gifts and offers interesting tasks.Take the first sounds from words a bag, fall, a bush and connect in the word.What word turned out?Juice.Take the first sounds from words a fur coat, a duck, poppy.

But why? Not because

All know that the first five years, and on other representations, the first three years the most important time in the history of the person.But why?Not because these years the person receives so many percent of information, everything will be enough for us to measure by information but because these years there is the most valuable, the most important that defines all his life: there is his soul.Any new feeling after these years surprises us with the novelty and whether much them, such new feelings?

Another tried

In half a year where there was my personal workshop, did not remain any good tool.One boy exhausted all stock of a wire, making forelocks for the motorcycle.Another tried to insert a cutter into the drive of the working lathe.The polished finishing hammers for work on copper and silver were used for dissecting of bricks.Tools disappeared and already were never found.But that worst of all, interest in crafts absolutely died out.The senior children said that there is no sense to go to this workshop as there all tools are bent.


Coordination of breath, articulation and fonation Game exercise Musicians.We play a drum, a pipe, a contrabass and a trombone.Pronouncing syllables with change of an accent.Rararara; raro; rorororo; to a ryr; rurururu; ruryro; ryryryry; rarorury.Development of phonemic perception What syllable superfluous?Rararary, ra ra ra la.Lets think up names to dolls.And ra, Ve ra, Ma ra, Le ra, La … ra.Add a syllable.


How many we gave to the child of material benefits, the success of education depends not on them, and from the benefits imagined of what the child dreams?Here, in dreams and imaginations, the willful swarm here their first source is born desires.Imaginations are caused by reality, requirements, talents, but they also are casual, whimsical.Bad child?Angry, vindictive, aggressive, ungrateful?One of the first reasons that it has ugly imaginations, the bent inner world.

How many

And here he asked me: Mothers, unless you do not know, what life all the same will prevail?What lesson for me!Instead of trusting in process of the life, we often in vain spend the energy, being in constant alarm and expressing concern for the least thing.No problem can be solved in disturbing and a somber mood.How many times we give in to feeling of alarm before we are convinced that the problem really exists.In most cases it is much better to postpone the concern until clarification of that it is necessary to undertake.

The highest

It often happens also shock: the wine of the child are deeper, the bigger impression is made on it by our pardon.The highest ideal of mankind, amnesty, cannot be realized adults, before is still very far.But this ideal has to be embodied in our relations with children.Will grow will learn both to punish, and to revenge; but the childhood has to be ideal.Only in an ideal true strength of mind and a source of courage.In one house the fiveyearold boy grew in an environment of many adults mother, the father, aunts, uncles.

Fixing of the correct

Fixing of the correct hand and manual poses in actions with apparatuses a ball, a rope, fingertype gymnastics and so forth Test Z Reproduction of hand and manual poses The task to repeat a number of poses is given: to squeeze the handle in a cam, to straighten a palm, etc.to bring a brush into situation up, down, to turn to the right, to the left, to bring to a chin, to an ear from the monolateral and counterlateral party, to a forehead to salute, reproduce a pose of goat to extend forward two fingers index and average.

In consciousness

In consciousness of most of parents to bring up means to impart cultural skills: do not rustle, do not run, do not jump, you eat how people eat, be not soiled, speak hello, thanks and please That it is necessary to tell the aunt?, do not put in a ward of adults, be not rude, do not argue, give way to seniors, wash hands before food, go to bed in time, do not scatter a thing, do not soil a floor.Actually to bring up means to teach the person to treat people and business properly, on the truth.

And heterosexual

I do not know, how many cases of impotence and frigidity at adults began with the first intervention in the heterosexual relations of the early childhood.And it is interesting, in what measure homosexuality goes back to tolerance concerning homosexual game and to a ban heterosexual game.And heterosexual game in the childhood, I believe a highway, to healthy, balanced adult sexual life.The children who did not test pompous morals concerning sex reach healthy adolescence, but not adolescence of chaotic communications.


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