The girl

The girl Requirements of spirit open a scope, specify the purposes: good, beauty, truth.

The moral the lower bound, and is not present the upper bound, up infinite spiritual aspiration.

The girl did not receive all this.

External decency yes, will to achievement of the purpose yes, education yes, but spirit of love and the truth no.

Heavy reproach to her tutors.

Before the girl went to kill, her spirit was killed.

Before she became a murderer, she killed the soul, the best aspirations.

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Something So after all to do?

To trust in the truth, to arrive on the truth and to inspire thereby belief in the truth to develop conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness will make everything.

Something similar to sense of shame and fault arises very much early, on the first year of life.

In any case, the boy who hardly learned to go and scattered from a thing case looks back whether see him?

If mother appears nearby, he says angry Uuu himself abuses and even can slap himself.

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To clean

To clean It as overture: with what we will begin?

With infinite it is impossible or we will try to do without them?

It is possible to shout it is impossible when the baby reaches for the electric socket, and it is possible to stick it with a plaster, so far as in the house the small child.

To clean books from the lower shelves.

To rearrange a hook in a bathroom is higher that the small could not be locked from within.

Usually parents, wishing to facilitate itself life, want that the child acquired a ban somewhat quicker but is it good?

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At first

At first And still we will present it gifts pictures.

At first on what subjects in which names there is a sound with, and then that with a sound sh are drawn.

Children choose gifts from the pictures lying on their tables.

Solving of rebuses from words Frightened thanks us for gifts and offers interesting tasks.

Take the first sounds from words a bag, fall, a bush and connect in the word.

What word turned out?


Take the first sounds from words a fur coat, a duck, poppy.

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But why? Not because

But why? Not because All know that the first five years, and on other representations, the first three years the most important time in the history of the person.

But why?

Not because these years the person receives so many percent of information, everything will be enough for us to measure by information but because these years there is the most valuable, the most important that defines all his life: there is his soul.

Any new feeling after these years surprises us with the novelty and whether much them, such new feelings?

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