Development Coordination of breath, articulation and fonation Game exercise Musicians.

We play a drum, a pipe, a contrabass and a trombone.

Pronouncing syllables with change of an accent.

Rararara; raro; rorororo; to a ryr; rurururu; ruryro; ryryryry; rarorury.

Development of phonemic perception What syllable superfluous?

Rararary, ra ra ra la.

Lets think up names to dolls.

And ra, Ve ra, Ma ra, Le ra, La … ra.

Add a syllable.

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Imaginations How many we gave to the child of material benefits, the success of education depends not on them, and from the benefits imagined of what the child dreams?

Here, in dreams and imaginations, the willful swarm here their first source is born desires.

Imaginations are caused by reality, requirements, talents, but they also are casual, whimsical.

Bad child?

Angry, vindictive, aggressive, ungrateful?

One of the first reasons that it has ugly imaginations, the bent inner world.

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How many

How many And here he asked me: Mothers, unless you do not know, what life all the same will prevail?

What lesson for me!

Instead of trusting in process of the life, we often in vain spend the energy, being in constant alarm and expressing concern for the least thing.

No problem can be solved in disturbing and a somber mood.

How many times we give in to feeling of alarm before we are convinced that the problem really exists.

In most cases it is much better to postpone the concern until clarification of that it is necessary to undertake.

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The highest

The highest It often happens also shock: the wine of the child are deeper, the bigger impression is made on it by our pardon.

The highest ideal of mankind, amnesty, cannot be realized adults, before is still very far.

But this ideal has to be embodied in our relations with children.

Will grow will learn both to punish, and to revenge; but the childhood has to be ideal.

Only in an ideal true strength of mind and a source of courage.

In one house the fiveyearold boy grew in an environment of many adults mother, the father, aunts, uncles.

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Fixing of the correct

Fixing of the correct Fixing of the correct hand and manual poses in actions with apparatuses a ball, a rope, fingertype gymnastics and so forth Test Z Reproduction of hand and manual poses The task to repeat a number of poses is given: to squeeze the handle in a cam, to straighten a palm, etc.

to bring a brush into situation up, down, to turn to the right, to the left, to bring to a chin, to an ear from the monolateral and counterlateral party, to a forehead to salute, reproduce a pose of goat to extend forward two fingers index and average.

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