At the same

At the same Statement of a sound sh on the basis of a sound with To establish language for the lower teeth.

To suggest the child to say a sound with.

At the same time the pallet or a probe to lift language up.

Fingers of the right hand slightly to press cheeks and to push lips forward.

Instead of whistle hissing has to turn out.

It is possible to suggest the child to repeat syllables sa, with, sy, the expert, experts, the expert, wasps with simultaneous lifting of language a probe or the pallet.

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And first

And first That the attitude towards the child brought up, it has to be a rich and complex feeling.

Not simply love, and rich relationship.

And first of all kindly to treat means to win itself against bad pedagogical passion.

Lets ask ourselves two series of questions.

What feelings are caused by me in the child love?








What feelings are caused in me by the child: whether I believe in him?

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Habits One more

Habits One more and And that will occur, if Helping children to develop feeling of confidence in their abilities, we can reduce to a minimum of a mistake and failure.

Habits One more way to help the child to get rid of undesirable behavior it to reduce value of an addiction to a minimum.

There is no such habit which would not bear in itself a definite purpose, and excessive vanity concerning an addiction does not influence the purpose of behavior, related at all.

The father with mother were very concerned by that their threeyearold daughter constantly sucked the thumb.

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With another

With another With another infinite difficulties and contradictions.

What to do?

Choose, the reader!

Yes here it, our child: it has natural requirements and talents; it has creative force and will power defining its character; it has a soul, heart, there are sincere forces the belief, hope and love defining his temperament; it has a spirit, there is spiritual power of aspiration to good, the truth and beauty; it has a physical force and intellectual; idea of the world and of itself; it has values which developed from requirements and there are abilities which developed from talents.

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The girl

The girl Requirements of spirit open a scope, specify the purposes: good, beauty, truth.

The moral the lower bound, and is not present the upper bound, up infinite spiritual aspiration.

The girl did not receive all this.

External decency yes, will to achievement of the purpose yes, education yes, but spirit of love and the truth no.

Heavy reproach to her tutors.

Before the girl went to kill, her spirit was killed.

Before she became a murderer, she killed the soul, the best aspirations.

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