And now show, in what

And now show, in what Saw a sound r the red girl and asks: Here kindergarten Hand bell?

That it was answered by the red girl?

The sound r said goodbye to the Red city, came to the road, and here it was begun to whirl by a red wind, lifted in air and lowered it near our kindergarten.

Greet it.

Tell it as our edge is called, the city, the Homeland.

And now show, in what lock he will live.

Acquaintance to a letter r The letter of river is exposed.

At a sound r, look this your letter.

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To allocate

To allocate To say a sound row and atoh, about andy, and at about and.

Development of phonemic perception Catch a sound.

To allocate a syllable with a sound l from a syllabic row for, la, shu, lu, chi, ly.

To define a place of a sound l in words onions, an eggplant, a shovel, dug, leveled, cleaned.

Statement and fixing of a sound in the isolated sounding At this stage work on formation of the correct articulation ways of lips, language is continued.

The articulation exercises directed on statement of a sound are fixed, training in the correct pronunciation of a sound in the isolated sounding is conducted.

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If it was allowed

If it was allowed In not free family suppression prospers.

It helps adults to keep the power, but it is reached at the price of a set of various neurosises.

If it was allowed to sexual interest to step through a site fencing to the boy or the girl from the neighboring house, the power of a family would appear under the threat; communication with the father or mother weakened, and the child emotionally would come off a family.

Perhaps, my words will be heard absurdly, but communication of the child with parents an indispensable support of the authoritative state, just as prostitution is necessary to preserve moral of approximate girls from good families.

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SPb. , Volkova

SPb. , Volkova Massage in correction of artikulyatorny frustration.


: Satis, Bogomolova A.


Violations of a pronunciation at children.


: Education, Budenny T.


Logopedicheskaya gymnastics.


, Volkova L.


, Lalayev R.


, Mastyukova E.


, etc.



a grant for students ped.

incomrade M.

: Education, Volkova L.

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I cannot

I cannot I am grateful to the editor Trioli Bakus for her improbable persistence and the easy, pleasant atmosphere accompanying our collaboration.

I cannot but tell also that on creation of this book I was inspired by the now deceased doctor of medicine Rudolf Dreykurs, practical experience and which works became for me a starting point in further searches.

Catherine Kvols PREFACE I know Catherine Kvols as remarkable friend, teacher, colleague, head.

Catherine possesses rare talent: communication with whose brings to the person feeling of internal tranquillity and selfconfidence.

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