Linen on a wind. Widely

Linen on a wind. Widely Collar with wide and keen edges.

To alternate a polozheiya of wide and narrow language.

To put wide language on a lower lip a round collar.

To extend sharp language a collar with keen edges.

Linen on a wind.

Widely to open a mouth and to press a language tip to upper teeth, to hold it in such situation under the account to six.

Sewing on different sewing machines.

Widely to open a mouth.

To lift language for upper teeth, to press side edges to molars and to say: Ddddd we sew on the electric sewing machine, Ttttt we sew on the manual sewing machine.

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Language Lets try art to bring up silently only one views, a faint smile, a sigh, rocking of the head, a derisive look.

Language of feelings a mimicry, intonation, laughter, tears, language of feelings music.

But not words.

Slightly our child will grow up, all start being interested: You whom love more?


Or mother?

I znaat, he loves mother more!


The boy stares, to him nonsense of adults is unclear.

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First of all he, as usual

First of all he, as usual But I endured awakening of soul and mind, and no psychiatrist could take away from me again found treasures.

First of all he, as usual at such doctors, tried to capture my attention and entirely to subordinate me to itselfhimself to such manners similar people and beat out the fees from patients, but I did not give in.

Templ, you know that it is impossible to go to Carrion crows the Nest.

It is forbidden by rules, and.

besides, it is simply dangerous!

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He did not advise

He did not advise He did not advise the son to wave a hand for study, and concentrated attention on in what the child succeeded, and thus realized true abilities of the son.

And other mother, having paid attention that her son began to misbehave and fight often at school, wrote down it on classes in aikido one of forms of conducting fight excluding violence over the personality.

The son developed selfconfidence and learned how it is correct to defend the interests, without bringing the matter to a fight.

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If such cases

If such cases ___ Specify the close relatives of the child including parents, kogdalibo getting to a psychiatric clinic, seriously mentally sick or mentally retarded.

Parents, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts are considered as the close relatives.

If such cases in a family are not present, note ___ here.

Relationship degree the Diagnosis if it is known Schizophrenia Depressiveness Another x the cousin grandfather E form, part second Please, answer the given questions, using the following figures: for quite right, for truly and for incorrectly.

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