So, for example, before

So, for example, before Now I understand that misbehaved not only with boredom it was interesting to me to look at reaction of schoolmates, and at thought that will be if catch, I was covered by the true passion.

So, for example, before physical education classes I waited until all others leave a locker room, and then hid their clothes.

After a lesson the crowd of little girls ran on school in vain searches of the dresses, and I, watching their tortures, laughed loudly to exhaustion.

Often we had to go on the following lesson in gym suits I, certainly, too hid the dress that on me suspicions did not fall.

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The private

The private Exists, however, and other discipline.

In an orchestra even the best violinist submits to the conductor, because it as well as the conductor, aspires to that the thing was well executed.

The private who jumps on command, as a rule, not especially cares of efficiency of army.

Any army copes generally fear, and the soldier knows that in case of nonobedience will be punished.

The school discipline can be similar on orchestral if teachers are good, however too often it is discipline of army type.

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It was given

It was given Indulging in studying of methods, means, systems, we start thinking as if it is possible to achieve success, having replaced one method with another, and the main educational tools escape us.

A certain person is not able to swim and is afraid of water.

It was given on the river bank and shown: here so a crawl, so a breast stroke, so freestyle.

But, of course, at first it is necessary to learn to float, the instructor by the way throws, is needless to say.

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I remember

I remember The task was just in my taste!

All evening we with Elenor Griffin squared a stone that the tip for a dart turned out, and then tied a grapevine this tip to a stick.

I remember still as our class went to excursion to the art museum.

Especially I was struck by mummies in the Egyptian hall.

Visual impressions always affected me more strongly any other I was delighted with an unusual show and, having come back home, again and again told native about all details of this delightful excursion.

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Of course, tell! But the story

Of course, tell! But the story They saw parents toilers and together with them worked.

Hardworking and the idler were in the public eye.

Now the father leaves somewhere in the mornings but what he does at plant there?

How it works?

Speak: tell children how you work.

Of course, tell!

But the story about work and work not same.

The father smith, the father plowman and the father TV viewer different tutors, and educational force, different at them.

In the house economy the economy accustomed to discipline.

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