We will

We will Without education?

This is also the wellmannered person with fine soul.

The brought up means with fine soul, but not with only one fine manners.

We will choose the most important from two purposes, we will make a list on education of moral is that is to pass into new pedagogical belief.

And at once many problems and riddles are solved!

Cultural guvernerskoye education is impossible in half an hour, we only in vain spend forces and nerves, in vain we quarrel with children.

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To extend

To extend Chewing gum.

Chewing imitation.

Exercises for cheeks and lips The kid, sucks a pacifier.

To show how you sucked to a nipple when were small.

To extend close lips a hobotok forward, and then to return in normal situation Fatties thin persons.

Alternately to inflate and pull in cheeks.

We inflate a sphere or a soap bubble.

To extend lips a narrow funnel.

Cheerful Buratino.

To smile, having lifted corners of lips up.

To return lips to a starting position.

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Already not for the first

Already not for the first Already not for the first time I began to notice that it imposed to me increased requirements therefore told: I do not want that you spoke with me in such tone.

It forces me to feel that with you together anything it is impossible to us, and if you do not cease to behave so, I will ride one, without you.

I did not want that my daughter disrespectfully talked to me and instead of imposing her the will concerning its further actions, told, what action itself I will take if she continues to behave so.

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It flies! And that

It flies! And that Around people, crowds, a circle of an event, life, destiny, and it trudges for mother, twists a free hand and does frrr frrr.

It flies!

And that to it people and destinies that all of us, it flies, it frrr!



It in the cloudless and serene world, it in happiness, it in the happy childhood, and unless not a crime to straighten out it, to zatoropit?

The thirdgrader came from school, laid down on a sofa, was extended and lies without having stirred.

I pass by, slightly concerned.

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But not at once, and then

But not at once, and then I warn: you cannot lose hope that your child will make that you want.

But not at once, and then Children our teachers It is very important that we validly treated our children.

Ability to see in them the teachers helps with it.

Children give us invaluable lessons of how to love without any conventions, to constrain the anger, not to conceal offense, to find the pleasures in each lived day.

Whether you noticed that when the small child is angry, he simply gives vent to the feelings, then his rage completely passes.

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