At ours

At ours It as the small animal, fights for life, for the I.

He is bound hand and foot with ours.

At ours the words and he distorts language, he cannot speak not as they; at ours the manners and it adopts them; our girls in golfs came and she cannot put on stockings even if mother will kill her.

Ours wear knitted caps and scarfs of color of such soccer team and it needs just the same cap and a scarf.

At least in order that he was not beaten Became more senior and were absolutely divided on the one who as puts on who as brushes the hair, at whom what bag.

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All gray, all melancholy. Above

All gray, all melancholy. Above The purpose is not present before me.

There is no purpose the soul is empty heart is empty, and there is no work to mind.

And absolutely exact, modern description: monotonous noise and term cybernetic: noise!

absence of the meaning information.

All gray, all melancholy.

Above these lines there is a date: on May , I will dare to assume that later when children were born, Pushkin could not write about life gift vain, gift casual, the purpose is not present before me though it was necessary to it very badly.

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Catherine And we often do not even realize why it is so difficult for us to communicate with own children!

No wonder that in this regard much of us, both to parents, and experts, it happened to be influenced by unpleasant feelings of confusion and confusion.

Catherine Kvolss book Reorientation of behavior of children offers a full set of the tools promoting our rapprochement with children so and to strengthening of a family.

The course Reorientation of Behaviour of Children offered within the International community of nurseries and the family relations became a push to writing of the book.

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And we leave

And we leave He behaves worse, is insolent, snaps here we and we turn away from him.

We, you see were disappointed, we did not expect that at us the bad son will grow up, we were going to become parents medallists.

And instead an embarrassment.

All love the cheerful and successful child, from the unlucky turn away though it needs our love.

And we leave the child of one in the face of life, in the face of all his troubles.

The most spiteful feelings are born in the soul of the child, the most vindictive pictures appear in his consciousness.

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On trees

On trees Why so called a bush and a tree a dogrose, a mulberry?

The dogrose has prickly thorns.

On trees of mulberries grow up caterpillars of a silkworm silkworm.

Caterpillars of a silkworm eat mulberry leaves.

They twist cocoons from silk threads in which turn in a doll.

Cocoons untangle and weave silk fabrics.

Automation of a sound sh in words with syllables ash, ush, Osh, ish, ysh, esh Say words correctly Tower, turret, cup, shirt, camomile, small insect, pencil.

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