One of our youngest

One of our youngest The kids who are trained on Montessoris system transfer the tanks full of hot soup.

One of our youngest pupils the sevenyearold boy, uses all various tools drills, axes, saws, knives and its fingers are cut much less than at me.

The English idiom skeleton in the cupboard means the facts discrediting one of family members, which are carefully hidden from strangers.

It is not necessary to confuse responsibility and a debt, however.

Call of duty is got in life much later if it is got in general.

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When write

When write When write books for teachers, make textbooks of pedagogics, authors and address only to capable people.

Who saw books for incapable in any art?

But after all still at one future mother when she was knocked in maternity hospital at night, did not ask the certificate of its pedagogical abilities, of its suitability to that work to which she gets with the childs birth From it everything is confused in science about family education, absolutely not similar to all other sciences created by professionals for professionals.

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But the twoyearold

But the twoyearold The child, being dipped into the moral atmosphere of language and culture, incorporates drops of the ocean of public consciousness, and only geniuses huge work of life rise up to such heights of the truth that them, these greatest people, call conscience of mankind.

But the twoyearold child who for the first time tested something like sense of guilt and the world famous writer, the keeper of human conscience, drop to the same source of universal knowledge of the truth.

The child receives conscience not with mothers milk, and with mothers language.

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A combination

A combination A combination of this vibration to vowels and, at, about, y.

Zaduvaniye on a tip of language which densely touches only an upper lip.

Zaduvaniye is made so strongly to cause vibration of an upper lip together with a language tip.

To make an alternate zaduvaniye on a tip of the language which is pulled together with lips, placed in a tooth cavity.

Widely to open a mouth, to prisosat wide language to the sky.

Strongly to blow on a language tip, trying to cause vibration.

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Colander, mug, frying

Colander, mug, frying On what it will fry onions?


Figure See tsv.


Colander, mug, frying pan, bucket, thermos.

The outline drawings of ware imposed at each other.

Still life.

Figure See tsv.


In a vase grapes, gooseberry, pear, peach, persimmon, pomegranate.

In a basket carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, fennel, and nearby fish.

Berries: bilberry, cowberry, cloudberries in a small basket.

What do you see in this picture?

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